Primavera Bled organise and plan weddings in Slovenia in three of our country's most desirable locations.

Our most frequently selected location is the small town of Bled situated near the border with Austria. Its scenic beauty is unmatched in Slovenia. Slovenia's capital city Ljubljana is a wonderful mix of old and new. The romantic cobblestoned streets of the old town beneath the protective castle is a mere stroll from the modern business district.
There are several other Slovenian locations where we are able to offer our wedding services including the port town of Piran. Piran lies on the Adriatic coast between the borders with Italy and Croatia offering great sea views and an easy going pace.


Bled is a small town on the shores of the idyllic, romantic Lake Bled in north western Slovenia. The beautiful Church of Queen Mary, located on the small island in the lake, is overlooked by Bled Castle perched high on the vertical cliffs and framed by distant Mount Triglav and the Julian Alps. It is difficult to imagine a more enchanting and romantic location.
Primavera Bled is based in Bled.

Other locations

We are able to organise weddings in other locations by special request.
Contact us for further information.


The capital of Slovenia is a vibrant, modern city that blends the old and the new whilst retaining a small town atmosphere. It has a rich medieval and contemporary heritage.
The Old Town is especially known for its Baroque churches and bridges, picturesque Renaissance, Baroque and Art Noveau facades and narrow cobbled lanes and streets.


Piran and the surrounding areas offer a unique opportunity for a magical wedding day.
Located on a picturesque peninsula, this medieval port is a protected cultural monument with immaculately preserved architecture and cultural heritage.