Bled is a small town positioned on the shores of the idyllic romantic Lake Bled in north western Slovenia. The beautiful Church of Queen Mary, located on the small island in the lake, is overlooked by Bled Castle perched high on the vertical cliffs and framed by distant Mount Triglav and the Julian Alps. It is difficult to imagine a more enchanting, romantic location. 

Primavera Bled is based in Bled.

Bled Registry Office

The Bled Registry Office is located in parkland at the town end of the lake with views to the island church and the mountains of Triglav National Park.
This beautifully decorated building is an old villa, converted into the local municipal building and retaining the charm of yesteryear.
It is often used for the legally recognised civil wedding before continuing to the Church wedding ceremony.

Bled Castle

Bled Castle sits high above Lake Bled. A castle has been recorded on the site since 1004.
From the castle you will experience sweeping views over the lake below and the mountains in the distance. The historic setting provides an enchanting location for your wedding.

The castle boasts a forge, a wine cellar and print house. In this location (as optional activities) we can arrange:

Minting a castle coin
In the castle forge you can create a keepsake of your wedding day. Make your first money together as a married couple using the traditional tools of hammer and anvil.

Bottling a commemorative wine
In the castle wine cellar you can fill your own bottle of local wine and seal it ready for a special occasion such as your wedding anniversary or the birth of your first child.

Printing a personalised wedding certificate
Why not mark this special event in the castle print house? With the assistance of the castle printer you can prepare and create a personalised wedding certificate that you will cherish for years (a souvenir only – it cannot be used as a legal document).

Grand Hotel Toplice

The most renowned and prestigious hotel in Bled, The Grand Hotel Toplice has been the choice of many eminent guests and those demanding the best. The hotel is centrally located on the shore of Lake Bled and can provide both indoor and outdoor wedding and reception areas with views of the lake, island church, Bled Castle, and the mountains of the Triglav National Park.
The traditional style hotel offers sumptuous luxury throughout. The private lake bathing area is open during the summer months for your relaxation. The indoor pool located in the hotel's spa is replensihed by a thermal spring at 22C for your health and enjoyment.

Queen Mary's Church

Queen Mary’s Church, located on the lake island, is a beautiful Baroque church decorated with frescoes and golden altarpieces. It has a long history and evidence of earlier churches can be seen on the site.
You and your guests are rowed across the lake in the local pletna boats to the landing at the foot of the stone stairway. Local custom requires that the grooms carry their bride up the 99 steps to the church, during which the bride must remain silent - a true test of the stamina and strength that both the bride and groom bring to the marriage. Whilst not compulsory, just a hint: "Boys get to the gym and do your lady proud!"
After the wedding service is performed, you will be asked to honour the local tradition of ringing the church wishing bell. Make the bell toll and fill your life with joy and laughter.

St. Martin's Church

St. Martin’s Church is positioned in the old town overlooking the lake in a quiet location beneath Bled Castle.
It is a Neo-Gothic building built in 1905 on the site of the earlier 15th century Gothic Church.
Its impressive interior and size make it the ideal setting for larger church weddings and benefits from its close proximity to local hotels and reception locations.


All our wedding offers consist of the following minimum services:

  • Consultation prior to your wedding to help you establish your requirements
  • Co-ordination of the wedding prior to your arrival to Slovenia
  • Booking all your requested services
  • Settling all deposits for services on your behalf
  • A pre-wedding meeting upon your arrival in Slovenia
  • Your dedicated Wedding Co-ordinator
  • Professional wedding photography

You are automatically entitled to these services when you engage Primavera Bled as your wedding organiser.
We are able to offer other services of your choice - additional fees will apply.