The capital of Slovenia is a vibrant modern city that blends the old and the new whilst retaining a small town atmosphere. It has a rich medieval and contemporary heritage.
The Old Town is especially known for its Baroque churches and bridges, picturesque Renaissance, Baroque and Art Noveau facades and narrow cobbled lanes and streets.
High above the city the imposing Ljubljana Castle is a medieval fort which protects the city and provides impressive views in all directions. The expansive Tivoli Park created in 1813 provides a refreshing green oasis on the edge of the city centre, with its relaxing tree-lined walks and recreational activities.

Ljubljana City Hall

The old Ljubljana city hall used to have statues of Adam and Eve. It was a custom for all the visitors to Ljubljana to kiss the statue of Eve.The statues are no longer present, but the ancient tradition of kissing continues. If we change one vowel in the word »Ljubljana« it becomes »ljubljena« which means loved, beloved. The inevitable conclusion is that Ljubljana is the city of love.

Ljubljana Castle

The mighty castle is perched on a hill above the city and offers an exceptional views of the shining white peaks of the Alps, gingerbread-like houses that embrace the foothills and the river with its many bridges. The dragon, the symbol of Ljubljana, is deemed to be the guardian of prosperity bringing strength and good fortune to those who marry in the city. On the newly-built bridge sweethearts hang their inscribed locks to leave an enduring reminder of their love.

St. James' Church

The Church of St. James, situated in the old part of the city, was built in the Baroque style between 1613 and 1615. It is the first Jesuit church in the Slovene lands.

St. Michael's Church

The Church of St. Michael is located in the area known as the Ljubljana Marshes. It is one of the area's greatest cultural attractions and most beautiful architectural monuments. The church's interior is decorated in a highly original style reflecting the architect Plecnik's keen sense for folk architecture.

River Weddings

The River Ljubljanica is spanned by a many wonderful bridges. It offers romantic boat rides with stunning views.
The Ljubljanica has always been an important traffic artery and is significant as a site of spiritual dedication.


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  • A pre-wedding meeting upon your arrival in Slovenia
  • Your dedicated Wedding Co-ordinator
  • Professional wedding photography

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