Love story photo session

Love truly is beautiful, like silk interwoven with gold, reflected in every step you make. For all romantic souls wishing to capture precious moments in photos, we suggest our unique service: "The Love Story".
The Love Story is a photo session where you will be whisked away by the photographer to a beautiful location. Once there, relaxed photos can be made with only one theme - all about you.

Your story can have a backdrop of Ljubljana, vineyards, Adriatic Sea - you choose - we will make it happen.
Slovenia's excellent location also makes it possible to comfortably visit neighbouring countries like Italy or Austria. Just a stone's throw away you can find some of Europe's most talked about cities: Venice, Florence, Verona, Vienna, etc.
The photo day-away will give you time to explore the chosen location, indulge in some local culinary delights whilst a non-intrusive photographer will capture all these moments.

Imagine Venice... a romantic gondola journey through the canals, relaxing with an Italian cappuccino in one of the piazzas, whilst surrounded by a unique blend of water, art and romance.