Our services

We work with a range of long-established and trusted hospitality providers and uniquely, have our own office, photo studio, hair salon and make up studio in the heart of Bled. This enables us to work deftly and provide the best value; our emphasis is on care and integrity. The offers we make reflect the true cost of creating a remarkable wedding day.

A wedding day organised by us will be incredible and extraordinary. For a super-extraordinary experience you may also wish to consider adding the following e.g.: hot air balloon; panoramic flight by plane from the local alpine airfield; rafting, etc.
We will ask you to fill out a form with details of your requirements. Once we have a picture of how you would like your day to be we will put together a proposal. This will be a more detailed break down of services and an overall cost for the offer. If you decide that you would like to proceed, we then ask you for a deposit and then go ahead with making reservations and organising your wedding.
We are very proud of our beautiful country and are delighted to be able to create joyous occasions for couples from all over the world and capture their memories through photography - this is the root of our art and passion for what we do.