In our role as wedding organisers and planners, Primavera Bled brings together the talents of hand picked local artisans.

They possess exceptional skills developed over many years of training and experience. We are proud to work closely with them to make your Wedding in Slovenia memorable.


Our florists are very experienced designers of wedding floral arrangements. 

Inspection Trip

To help you make your decision Primavera Bled offers the opportunity to meet one ...

Wedding Co-ordinator

Our wedding co-ordinators have many years of experience working closely ...


The musical accompaniment creates the atmosphere for your wedding ceremony ...

Legal Documents

Civil weddings in Slovenia are valid throughout the world. 

Wedding stationery

We share your goal of creating the perfect wedding experience and we believe ...


Our professional videographers, working alongside our photographer will capture ...

Children's Entertainment

For the entertainment of children we can arrange the services of a magician,...


To celebrate this wonderful occasion, why not wow your guests with a stunning fireworks display...

Wedding Photography

The wedding photos are a feature of your wedding day that, like your partner,..

Swan Boat

Grooms, after you have carried your bride up the 99 steps to the island church you may...


Primavera Bled can assist you in arranging accommodation for your wedding in Slovenia.


You and your guests are most likely to be without your normal mode of transport ...

Wedding Cakes

The cutting of a sumptuous wedding cake is a key moment for the bride and groom ...


A significant part of your wedding day is the wedding reception. 

Baby Sitting

As an important part of the family children are welcome to attend the wedding ...


Wedding day beauty is important as you need to look your best.