Legal Documents

Civil weddings in Slovenia are valid throughout the world. However, by Slovenian law a wedding is only legal when conducted by a government official and usually in the local registry office.

Church weddings on their own do not have legal status in Slovenia and cannot be registered.
As in all countries, government authorities require documentation to prove who you are and to ensure that any marriage is legal. Listed below are the documents that are required. Our service includes obtaining the certified translations by the Slovenian court translator for each of these documents.



Originals and/or copies of each of the following documents are required:

  1. Passports - A copy of the passport picture page for both the bride and groom. The original documents will be required at the registry office prior to the wedding.
  2. Birth Certificates* - For both the bride and groom a certified copy which includes the names of both parents and must not be older than six (6) months.
  3. Death Certificates - If either the bride or groom is widowed a certified copy for the deceased spouse must be provided.
  4. Decree Absolute - If either the bride or groom is divorced, they must produce proof that the divorce has been legally sealed. A certified copy usually called a Decree Absolute is required.
  5. Deed Poll - If either the bride or groom has changed their names or surnames, they must produce a certified copy as proof of name change.
  6. Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage* - If either the bride or groom is not Slovene they must provide a document that proves they are eligible to marry in Slovenia and the marriage is forthwith valid. Please note that these must not be issued more than three (3) months from the date of the wedding.
  7. Wedding Date - Absolute agreement of the date and time the wedding is to take place is required for registry office administration.

* The Birth and No Impediment to Marriage Certificates must be certified. As almost all countries in the world have signed The Hague Convention, certification by Apostille Seal suffices.

The following documentation is required for your witnesses:

  8. Full names, professions, date of births and copies of passport picture page.

Immigration Documents
  9. Entry Visa - All necessary entry visas for foreign nationals if required by Slovenian immigration law are the responsibility of the wedding couple and their guests.

Please note:
1. COPIES must be sent via email for our verification before you start obtaining the apostils.
2. ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS WITH APOSTILS have to be sent by REGISTERED POST to our specified address and must reach us eight (8) weeks before the confirmed wedding date.

In addition to the legal documents required for a civil wedding, we will also require specific documents for the Church wedding - please enquire individually for details.